Get Your Etsy Shop Featured

I enjoy browsing through all the wonderful handmade items on Etsy and I always take time to Favor everyone's shop. But if you want me to "feature" your shop on my site, you need to complete the following: 
  1. Put my blog link on your personal webpage (not your shop).
  2. You follow me on Facebook & "Like" my blog on Facebook.
  3. You follow me on Twitter & tweet about being featured on my blog.
  4. You follow me on Pinterest & "pin" the feature I do of your shop.
  5. You follow me on Google + & post my blog link on your wall. 
After I confirm your 5 entries, you will email me a summary of your self and your shop. Here are some of the things I'd like to include about you:
  • shop name & shop URL
  • button or banner of your shop
  • your crafting interests
  • your name & city you live in
  • years you've been crafting
  • your hobbies
Please email me with the word FEATURE ME in the subject line and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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